FREE e-Books

List of eBooks offered for FREE downloads.

Free downloads with launch of new titles or new editions of existing titles via Amazon for a 5-day period. Dates to be advised.

If you missed these offers, submit the form shown below for future releases. You’ll receive email alerts when the offer goes live. Do not miss out on free offers.

Whenever I launch a new title or new edition of an existing title, I usually offer free downloads for 5 days.

Performance Appraisal, A Scorecard Model (Second Edition) – Business Book

Pending release in the first half of 2019. Look out for free copies via Amazon for a 5-day period.

Updated Download Schedule: FREE download now available Monday 25 February until Friday 1 March afternoon, Singapore time.

Update: Offer expired – 1 March 2019

Do not miss this one-off opportunity. Limited to the first 100 sign-ups. Submit the form above and receive email alert for FREE download.

Click on Image for FREE Preview

Human Capital Growth Model (Second Edition) – Business Book

I’m giving away free copies of Human Capital Growth Model (Second Edition) via Amazon for a 5-day period. Offer will not be repeated. Grab it while you can.

The FREE download starts on 22 Oct 2018 (12.00 am PDT) and ends on 26 October 2018 (11.59 pm PDT). Note: Pacific Daylight Time is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Update: Offer expired – 26 Oct 2018

Click on Image for Free Preview

Please note, I normally do not repeat my free download offers. If you missed it once, you missed it, period. Sorry.

If you missed these offers, no worries. Fill in and submit the form above. I’ll email you when the offers go live. Do not miss out on future free offers.

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2018 ***

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