Eric Alagan

Team Building for Career and Business Success.

If you’re a salaried manager, how fast and how high you climb the corporate ladder will depend on your team and if you’re a business owner, how successful your business also depends on your team.

Ten Traits of Great Team Builders

  1. They choose the best – especially people more talented than themselves
  2. They treat people well – as they would like to be treated – and pay their people VERY well
  3. They are themselves, first and foremost – team players
  4. They are open to feedback and ever willing to change
  5. They do not confuse long working hours for greater productivity
  6. They are consummate multi-taskers (even though the current flavour frowns on multi-tasking)
  7. They promote based on meritocracy
  8. They will not hesitate to work in the trenches – indeed they enjoy doing the lowliest tasks
  9. They are great mentors and students – they teach all they know and learn all they can and from anyone and everyone
  10. They know their limitations and ensure the success of their team is not limited by their own shortcomings

As you can well imagine, everyone talks about building great teams but, NOT everyone can achieve this goal. Team building starts with the individual who wishes to build a best-in-class team and that’s where 99.9% of managers and business owners fail – full stop!

Eric Alagan, team-builder, believes in lifelong learning for career, business and self-fulfillment.

He held progressive responsibilities in various industries and along the way, he launched several successful business ventures. He last held the position of Managing Director, Far East, for a German aerospace business.

Eric has taken many wrong turns; is a brutal self-analyst; and, as a result, has learned to accomplish tasks faster, with better quality outputs and greater cost-effectiveness. He never repeats mistakes but tries to make new ones.

Though officially retired, he does not know what that means.

Eric appreciates that life is a journey and as he learns, his opinions might change. Help him learn. He is a firm believer and practitioner of treating people as he wishes to be treated.

Written Words Never Die

  1. KYM & SUE (For me, looks and gender don’t matter)
  2. Silver Earrings & Tattoos (Everyone needs a second chance)


  1. Match Qualification Criteria to Job Scope
  2. Why ask job applicants to enclose their photographs?
  3. Why you should treat your supplier well.


2 thoughts on “Eric Alagan”

  1. Oh wow, Eric, you have come a long way and very impressive one too. It’s as if you are constantly on the move, experimenting and compiling all your experiences and applying them effectively. You are a great example of life long learning. I look forward to learning whatever you so generously impart.

    Overall your video is well presented. A little suggestion of mine – if it is possible to add soft background music when you display the photos with short pause during the narration, so we get to view the photos a little longer. Anyway, this is fantastic.


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