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Managements and human resource (HR) experts are great fans of performance appraisals because of the benefits.

Here is a list of the 10 goals:

  1. To reward exemplary performers.
  2. To motivate under performers.
  3. To identify training needs.
  4. To improve communication.
  5. To decide on staff retention or termination.
  6. To validate training & development programs.
  7. To test effectiveness of recruitment & selection.
  8. To measure gaps in targets and results.
  9. To establish forward goals.
  10. To comply with statutory and/or union awards.

The benefits are compelling and real. In its most basic form, and one that the vast number of organisations adheres to, the annual performance review is central to performance management.

Sound human resource management demands that your performance review protocol meets all 10 of the above goals.

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