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Here is an outline to identity, measure and grow your team’s human capital.

List 3 to 5 soft skills you desire or reflects your management style, business needs, and corporate culture. Take a team approach (from multiple stakeholders) and draw up this list.

Construct questions to identify the soft skills and proficiency tests to verify expertise you seek. Do not rely on mere “years of experience” as time spent on a job does not equate to expertise. Proficiency tests could be multiple choice or short-answer questions and scenario based questions.

Establish a baseline with internal staff. Interview and test your existing staff. Assign numerical scores (for example, give scores of 1 to 10) for the interview questions and proficiency tests.

To minimise subjectivity (the bane of interviews and selections) use the same questions and sequence for all candidates. Use a template to keep the interview and selection process consistent.

To further minimise subjectivity, have at least two interviewers and average their scores for each interviewee.

Collect the scores and establish your team’s average score. You have a numerical target.

To ensure growth in your team’s human capital, every new employee must exceed the team’s average score (the numerical target).

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