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Sample Questions, Lecture 5, for course participants enrolled in my on-line course:

Interview Questions: Interview Like a Professional HRM 

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Close-Ended Questions

  1. Do you have a driver’s license?
  1. Are you taking further studies? Night school, perhaps.
  1. If the job requires it, can you work the occasional weekend – a Saturday or even one Sunday a month?

Open-Ended Questions

  1. Speak about your strengths and weaknesses.
  1. Talk about your hobbies.
  1. Talk about your career to date.

Scenario Based Questions

  1. You are part of a project team, and feel that one of your colleagues is not putting in his fair share of work. How would you resolve this?
  1. You are meeting a client the following morning but the night before, you had taken ill. How will you handle this situation?
  1. Your supervisor has assigned you a task, something beyond your job scope. How will you handle this situation?


The internet throws up dozens of sample questions, often with hyped up headlines – Top 10 Questions; Most Common Interview Questions; Questions and Suggested Answers; and so on.

Some of these questions are excellent but unfortunately many are clearly not thought through. Just because everyone uses them does not make these questions effective.

In due course, I shall upload more articles and videos here. Hope to see you back.

Thank you and all good wishes.